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        Pyridine Derivates

        3-Methylpyridine(Beta Picoline)


        Chemical Name: 3 -Methyl Pyridine

        CAS NO.: 108-99-6

        Structure Formula:


        Molecular Formula: C6H7N

        Specification: 99%Min

        Water content: 0.1%Max

        Appearance: Achromatous to light yellow liquid

        Package: Galvanized iron drum, 190KGS per drum or ISO tank.

        Capacity: 14,000 MT per year


        It’s the most important and widely-used pyridine derivatives which is mainly used to compound nicotinic acid (NA) and niacinamide(vitamin B3)in pharmaceuticals and feedings and also used in agrochemicals such as Fluazifop Imidacloprid Fluazinam etc. It’s also used to compound spices dyes and daily chemicals.